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Beautiful cufflinks and pendants with or without a choice of necklaces and sizes.


So much Christmas! A choice of 4 different Snowflakes plus Stars, Robins and Christmas Tree Decorations. Sparkly, non sparkly, Rainbow and traditional…the choice is yours.


Heart dishes, suncatchers…Small, medium and large. Rainbow colours or not…lots to see here.

Rainbow Colours


Proper 7 colours of the Rainbow.


Tealight & Candle Holders

Many different styles and colours. All transmit beautiful colourful shadows.


Dishes, plates, bowls and coasters. Make your dining experience colourful!

Keyrings & Tokens

Beautiful keyrings to adorn your keys in different designs and gorgeous tokens to keep in your purse or pocket. Just because.


Beautiful mini magnets in many different styles and colours. Make your fridge or memo board SHINE.


Lots of designs and styles to choose from. All transparent glass so when the sun shines (or even when it doesn’t) the beautiful colours make gorgeous shadows.

Non Rainbow Colours

Because some people don’t like Rainbows or it doesn’t suit their decor. I cater for all!

Rainbow Bridges

The full rainge of Rainbow Bridges. 3 different sizes, lots of styles. Pure Rainbow goodness.


All the personalised goodies. Suncatchers, Rainbow arches, dishes, magnets, plaques and more.

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