About Me and my Glass

Kelly Biggs

Kelly Biggs

Designer / Maker

Hello, my name is Kelly and I’m the owner, designer, maker, photographer, accountant, packager and everything else associated with Rainbow Lux Glass.

I’m a mum to one boy who’s 5 years old and is in Reception class at school. I live with him and my partner in Southampton. I also work a “dayjob” for 30 hours a week.

As you can probably imagine (or already know!) life with a child/children is hectic at the best of times. Add in a job working 30 hours a week and a handmade business and you’d be forgiven for thinking I must be mad. I am, a little bit.

I’ve always loved glass. The tactile nature, the beautiful colours. Last year I was struggling with having any enthusiasm for my previous business. I made lots of keepsake gifts using wood, clay, paper etc but my passion for it was waning. Possibly due to the oversaturated market and the fact I just didn’t feel I had enough time to give the business it’s full potential. I decided I needed something new, something I always wanted to do. I considered a glass blowing course but although it looked awesome, I quickly realised I’d never be able to afford the set up costs or even doing it as a hobby. I saw an advert on YouTube for a microwave kiln….. from there my journey started.

I spoke to my partner and told him I’d love to try glass fusing. I’d not really heard of it before, I’d seen some gorgeous makes but didn’t really know how it was made. So I took to trusty old Google and researched for weeks. I was all set to buy a new microwave, a microwave kiln and some glass and tools but then I discovered Creative Glass Guild in Bristol were running courses….my partner suggested going on a course to find out more and to see if I liked it. He paid for me to go on a weekend beginner course. Unfortunately I had to wait months until the course date, so in the meantime I looked into it even more.

The weekend of the course finally came round, I was nervous, apprehensive and excited! I was spending two nights away from my family for the first time so I felt a little lost. Arriving at the Creative Glass Guild, we were all introduced and offered tea/coffee while we waited for the rest of the small group. There were 5 of us in total, I think. Once all seated, we got onto learning about glass, how to cut glass safely and from there, the course went more in depth.

The first day I made 2 tiles, a window hanger and 2 items out of float glass. The 2nd day I made a square bowl. I learned so, so much in those 2 days. My passion for glass just grew from there. As soon as I got home, I decided I wanted to do this. Fused Glass. I spoke to my partner and told him I was buying a kiln haha. And I did. I worked some serious overtime at work to afford it, and all my set up tools and glass. I had to wait until June for the kiln to be built and delivered but it was so worth the wait!

It;s been nearly a year since the course and I’ve learned so much on this journey. I’m saving for a bigger kiln, I have my own little workroom, lots of beautiful glass and millions of ideas in my head. I’ve also sold lots of items and have nothing less than 5 star reviews….not bad for someone fusing for less than a year 😉 I have so many plans that I can’t wait to share.

I’ll leave you with some photo’s of my very, very first fused glass makes.