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Colours can be changed to suit your preferences!

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Tealight Holders


Beauty & Colour


All of my items are designed with beauty in mind. Whether that be beautiful colours or lovely shapes and shadows, striking designs or understated. I strive to create pieces you will love and cherish forever.


I use many different colours in my glass pieces. Not all rainbow though, despite my business name! I take inspiration from nature but most of all I just love colour. No wishy washy beige here! Opaque glass gives a dense colour which light doesn’t easily transmit through, transparents let lots of light through and this is where you will see coloured shadows.


It’s so nice when people enjoy the things I make, it gives me a lovely boost every single time! So far, I’ve had all 5 star reviews across various platforms – Etsy, Facebook. I’m very proud of my customer service & enjoy getting to know my customers.

Quality Handmade

Every item I make is quality checked several times. From before firing to after and when packaging.

As a professional, I know how finished pieces should look. I’ll soon be writing a blog on what a customer should expect from their fused glass piece and how it should and shouldn’t look!I think it’s important that you, the customer, knows what is a good quality piece. Afterall, you’re parting with hard earned money, you should be 100% happy with what you receive.

About me & my work

My work

I’m incredibly lucky that I get to make things out of gorgeous glass for a living! I took the plunge 2 years ago and quit my job in order to concentrate on my business and I’ve never been happier!I have a purpose built workroom in the garden and absolutely love working in there.

My aim is to bring you joy. I very much love designing & making glass pieces & I want them to bring joy to your home, office, garden or wherever you choose to put them. I create a large range of art, gifts and home decor pieces, most of which can be colour personalised. That’s the beauty of handmade! You can buy affordable pieces to compliment your decor and style.


Sharing is caring! As a small business, I rely on word of mouth & Social Media recommendations. Your likes & comments really help! I love to see customer photos so please share them to my Facebook page or Instagram

My future vision

With my garden workshop I am aiming to teach glass fusing lessons in the not too distant future! 

I also plan to make new DIY kits available with different shapes and colours.  I’m currently adding new listings to reflect the colour order of the 7 Chakras and the Pride Rainbow. I hope to have these all listed by December 2019 but as always, if you’d like the colours or order of colours changing on anything, please just let me know when ordering and I can do that for you.

Postage and Packaging


I know lots of people would love free postage, me included! But its not actually free. The price is added on to the item somewhere, 99% of the time. (Even Amazon Prime isn’t free… Prime items are often more expensive than non Prime, plus there is the subscription to pay…)

I don’t lump postage in with my prices for lots of reasons. Mainly because I like to be transparent with my pricing. I also get lots of people buying multiple items, they’d end up paying a lot more which would be great for profit but not so good morally, for me.

I’m aware of the psychology behind “Free” postage so it never works to entice me because I absolutely know I’ll be paying for it somehow. But I also know that if someone sees something for say £5 + £3 postage versus £8 with free postage… They’re likely to go with the Free postage. Its just the way things work sometimes.

I know sometimes it’s disappointing to get to checkout and discover postage is added on top. Unfortunately, as a small business I just cannot absorb the costs of posting. I also refuse to inflate my prices to compensate for adding postage into the individual item prices. It may lose me sales, especially on Etsy, but I believe in being open and honest with my customers.

I’ve recently reduced postage prices for most small parcels to £4.50. It costs me £4 to send at the Post Office. The other 50p pays for the box and protective packaging. It used to be £4.65 but I bought a load of boxes in bulk so I passed on the saving to my customers.

All orders are packaged securely to protect the glass inside. I try to combine function & style with my packaging. I encourage you to recycle or reuse/gift the packaging your glass arrives in.  Most items are wrapped with ribbon & tissue paper – if you’d prefer not to receive your items ‘prettified’, please state this on checkout in the notes section.

Envrironment / Eco: The boxes I use to send your items can be recycled or reused. The large bubblewrap is made from recycled plastic and can be reused or recycled in the same way plastic bags are at the supermarkets.

I’m currently looking into a foam alternative and will also be switching to paper tape, rather than plastic soon.

Happy Customers

Beautiful work, wonderful customer service, efficient delivery and perfectly packaged!

- J Ruth

Facebook Review

I received my little rainbow candle holder and magnet yesterday and they are both so incredibly beautiful. They are well made and the colours look so vibrant and wonderful. Thank you so much. 😁

- F Machin

Facebook Review

The most beautifully packaged item I have received in a long time and the snowflake is just gorgeous. Thank you so much x

- S Crawley

Etsy Review

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