Rainbow Lux Glass

Beauty. Colour. Joy.

Rainbow Lux Glass

Beauty. Colour. Joy.

Beauty - Colour - Joy

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All of my items are designed with beauty in mind. Whether that be beautiful colours or lovely shapes and shadows, striking designs or understated. I strive to create pieces you will love and cherish forever.


I use many different colours in my glass pieces. Not all rainbow though, despite my business name! I take inspiration from nature but most of all I just love colour. No wishy washy beige here!


My aim is to bring you joy. I very much love designing & making glass pieces & I want them to bring joy to your home, office, garden or wherever you choose to put them. I love seeing customer photos so please do send them via email or share on social media.

About Me and my work

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I’m incredibly lucky that I get to make things out of gorgeous glass for a living! I took the plunge last year and quit my job in order to concentrate on my business and I’ve never been happier!

I have a workroom which is a converted garage so only have to enter a door and I’m “at work”! This is all soon to change though, as with the arrival of our baby, we need an extra bedroom soon. The plan is to build a workroom in the garden and have my current work space as a bedroom….I wasn’t keen on the idea at first but it has grown on me. I don’t fancy moving the huge heavy kiln though, I think we’ll need help with that!

I have specific areas for different parts of my work. I use a grinder and glass saw sometimes, which can get messy, so these are set up on a table away from everything else. My desk is next to my glass for easy reach……….Read more about me and my glass on the About Me page

Reviews - Packaging - Share

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It’s so nice when people enjoy the things I make, it gives me a lovely boost every single time! So far, I’ve had all 5 star reviews across various platforms – Etsy, Facebook. I’m very proud of my customer service & enjoy getting to know my customers.

All orders are packaged securely to protect the glass inside. I try to combine function & style with my packaging. I encourage you to recycle or reuse/gift the packaging your glass arrives in.  Most items are wrapped with ribbon & tissue paper – if you’d prefer not to receive your items ‘prettified’, please state this on checkout in the notes section.

Sharing is caring! As a small business, I rely on word of mouth & Social Media recommendations. Your likes & comments really help! I love to see customer photos so please share them to my Facebook page or Instagram.

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